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Arteios Concept Store | Cosmopolitan Living | Sophienstrasse 17
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ARTEIOS Concept Store is the first address in Baden-Baden for interior concepts and luxury interior design.

WHY Baden-Baden?
Baden-Baden is a secret escape for world travelers, lovers of fine taste and lifestyle living. Here, in the heart of this haven, between the old town and the grand Boulevard Sophienstraße, Serge Weimann opened ARTEIOS. An interior concept store with luxury European design brands and a serious passion for modern mid-century design.

Serge Weimann, a business world traveler, born and raised in France, is dedicated to share his cosmopolitan lifestyle and his passion for young and fresh interior design with all those who remain curious about life. His endless patience and passion helps clients find their way to tell their own home story. It’s always a matter of setting things in harmony.

Quality is the summation of traditional craftsmanship, hand selected materials and fine elaborated details. There is a story behind every product, passion for a work welldone and a devotion to exceptional contemporary design. At ARTEIOS, a unique variety of European brands are compiled to become one eclectic assortment of inspiring living products.

Your home should be a mirror of your life philosophy. It’s the place to invite friends and family, the place where you live and love, where your heart is. Interior design gives you the space to show your dedication to a distinct style and express completely your love for life. Serge lives his intense passion for finding special, stylish and extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces which are as unique and individual as you are.

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Boca do Lobo
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